Compact felt object

The SlimPanel acoustic solutions efficiently absorb sound waves, contributing to noise reduction in a space and so improving the comfort of the occupants. The advantages of using a compact felt absorbent are varied, depending on the use of the space: conversing easily in a restaurant, improving the intelligibility of speech in a meeting area, making a workspace quieter and more private to guarantee concentration.

SlimPanel offers a large range of acoustic solutions adaptable to each project, depending on the layout, the aesthetic ambiance and the acoustic improvements desired. Very light and compact, each product in the range is quick and easy to install on the wall, ceiling or floor.

Ideal for public buildings : offices and administrations, restaurants, hotels, reception areas, public buildings, schools, sports halls and retail outlets.

Available in 5 products types (walls, islands, baffles, louvres, totems) and 24 panel models, these felt articles can be used separately or combined.

The range has different mountings and fittings with many different finishes to adapt to all layouts.

The acoustic performances are varied : with an equivalent absorption area from 0.45m² to 3.86m², alpha w from 0.4 to 0.85.

With a fire-rating of B s2 d0 and VOC A+, these items meet all the safety standards and their design respects indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the compact felt has the Oeko-Tex label.
The felt items are designed and assembled in France

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