Felt acoustic panel

The SlimPanel compact felt contains 50% polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles.
After processing, the offcuts are reused for another function.

Available in 6 formats of rectangular or square panels with rounded corners, they are fixed to rails, offset from the wall by 30mm to allow the option of adding backlighting and to improve the acoustic performance thanks to its plenum.

On the ceiling, they are suspended by 4 adjustable cables allowing you to vary the height, create a harmonious look and blend with the décor thanks to their white or black cables.

As well as being decorative acoustic solutions, these felt panels have another function : the baffles and islands can become luminous acoustic objects specially designed to meet different objectives : lighting, energising, signalling or decorating the space. Light rods or LED backlighting strips with transformers, long-lasting and with low energy consumption, are mounted on the panels in the workshop to facilitate easy and safe installation.