Textile acoustic wallcovering

This family of acoustic wallcoverings combines the efficiency of high-performance acoustic bases with different types of surface textiles : suedine, jersey knit or even printed textures on fleece. These fine materials create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere where the decors and muted shades create a comfortable feeling. These acoustic textile wallcoverings represent an ideal decorative and acoustic solution. Their acoustic corrective qualities allow the effective treatment of problems such as vibrations in meeting rooms and hotel receptions or to treat the Lombard effect also called the “cocktail effect” in restaurants and function rooms.

The acoustic absorbency of these wallcoverings varies from α 0.15 to 0.30 depending on the thickness and quality of the acoustic supports : PU foam of 7mm and 5mm or thick non-woven fabric. When using them on the majority of the walls of the space to be treated, they are efficient and decorative, with just 1 product. Some textiles are washable, others have been treated with a water-repellent treatment or are delivered with a transparent, protective film for trouble-free installation and site handover. The majority of the collections are locally-produced in France using the best textile finishers, a guarantee of product quality, service and environmental impact.