Slimpanel, also a decorative illuminated object

SlimPanel is not only an acoustic panel, it is also a decorative illuminated object. Each format has been designed to create an optical halo phenomenon produced by the diffusion of bands of light giving the
appearance of volume to the panel or the structure.
Integrated into a wall Concept, a functional SlimPanel becomes a decorative object that defines the space.
In an îlot suspended from the ceiling or a wall panel, the backlighting creates a soft and diffused indirect light, bringing warmth to your interior.

Each panel is fitted with a LED strip in the workshop with a heatsink, guaranteeing an optimal lifespan.
With neutral white light and a suitable transformer, the light panel suits a large number of spaces.
For the wall panels and also the concepts or the islands, the backlighting system is adapted to each configuration,
ensuring easy-use and quick installation. These functional and decorative solutions are delivered readyto-install.

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