Articles with textile covers

The acoustic textile objects, for walls and ceilings, provide an effective acoustic solution for the following issues :

• When the wall area is insufficient to address the acoustics with only a wallcovering

• During renovation they can be easily integrated into a finished area thanks to the variety of formats

• To correct the acoustics efficiently with specific elements placed according to the source of the sound and the acoustic objective established.

They are made of Bs1d0 fire-resistant polyester absorbent, a perforated metal frame and a transonic textile cover. Available in over 20 formats, they can be installed to walls, ceilings and floors.

These items guarantee an aesthetical and technical solution adapted to the layout of the space in question. This range of products offers a multitude of colour combinations and designs to create functional ceilings, diverse wall decorations and modify the spaces according to the requirements.

With a high level of acoustic correction (alpha w = 1), these articles satisfy all the acoustic constraints whether high or low frequency. Suspended from the ceiling, they are ideal for large spaces where wall treatments are insufficient. On the floor, they divide spaces and are an alternative when wall and ceiling space is lacking.

Finally, the Airpanel range of objects with textile covers meet all the safety and environments norms :
The textile and the absorbent have Bs1d0 fire rating and the Oeko-Tex label.